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Ford GT Engraved Gas Cap

As many of you may or may not know, the installation of the gas cap will require some technical know-how or, I recommend using one of these companies to do the install (The GT Guys, Discovery Automotive, or Elite Autos). When The GT Guys installed my gas cap, it took them approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours and things went flawlessly, but after watching the process, I would think many skilled GT owners would be able to do the install with a little technical assistance from our GT pros listed above. There are a couple of hurdles that will go along with the installation that you will need to consider as the cap will come to you in raw billet form based on the sales price listed:

1. In order to make sure the stock bottom ring (that you will reuse from your car) will match the new top billet gas cap, these two pieces will need to be painted together. (You wouldn't want to have the bottom ring and the cap a different shade of color from one another).

2. The stock OEM gas cap assembly will need to have the rivets removed and female threads tapped into the ring for the re-installation of the new billet gas cap.



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Gas Cap   Gas Cap Installed Gas Cap



Cap Ring   Billet Gas Cap


Installed Gas Cap

$450 + $25 shipping and handling

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