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Ford GT Billet Top Vents

If you're looking to buy billet vents for your Ford GT's clamshell, you've landed on the right page. After popular demand from the members of the Ford GT forum the top and side clam shell vents (that were made of plastic parts from the factory) needed to be made from billet aluminum to ensure longevity and styling perfection. So the challenge was set to produce a part that will not crack and warp from extreme engine temperatures and as you will see these billet vents are perfect replicas of the OEM plastic vents The Billet Ford GT vents are machined out of Virgin 6061 T65 Aluminum Bar stock as it starts off weighing in at over 20 + Lbs and is cut down with Carbide end-mills to that of just over a pound and a half each. The Carbide is a preferred cutter over High Speed and Cobalt because the finishes are second to none in the machining world and leave very little to no chatter. They are also the most expensive and not always used by most shops because of the extra cost. We also ran spring passes on all processes for the nicest finish possible as well as a tighter tolerance. This adds much time to the machining process but is well worth it for the finished part.


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Billet Vent Billet Vent Billet Vent Top Vent

heat problem

Damaged Vents

Go ahead and get the Billet Vents to put this problem to rest and put your OEM plastic vents away for safekeeping while they are still in pristine condition.
damaged vent damaged vent


Don't wait for this to happen to your vents. Here's examples
of what heat will do to the inferior plastic OEM top vents.

Check out what the Ford GT forum members have to say about our custom coil covers. Check out what the Ford GT Forum members are saying about our Billelt Vents.

Price $850 + shipping and handling.
Installation hardware included.


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warped vent
damaged vent
Billet Vent
Billet Vent
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